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First of all, I have to thank you all for following along and encouraging me as I worked my butt off to finish this series. I put the first book up in August and didn’t really do anything to promote it. It just sort of sat there for over a month; partially because I was clueless and partially because I didn’t know what kind of response readers would have to an erotic romance serial featuring an extra-marital affair with a presidential candidate. I am so relieved that I have gotten nothing but a positive response to this series. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate all your messages and tweets and every time you share my work with your friends and family. You guys rock my world to the tenth power. Please stop by and let me know what you think of part four, and if you have a moment, please share your feedback on Amazon or wherever you go to talk about books.


Part IV: Closure

To get her as far away from the scandal caused by her affair with presidential candidate Chase Underwood, Larissa Jacobs has been flown to a lavish villa in a remote area of the Tuscan countryside. Since delivering her heartfelt denial of their affair on national television two days before the election, Larissa has heard very little from Chase. But Larissa’s apology works like a charm and Chase wins the election by the skin of his teeth.

Larissa watches the news coverage of Chase’s victory and fantasizes about him storming into the villa in Tuscany and making good on his promise to marry her. But her fantasies are becoming less and less appealing with every day they spend apart. It doesn’t help that the hot Secret Service agent assigned to guard her has become the only person she can speak to.

Will Larissa remain true to her promise to wait for Chase? Will Chase finally put his love for Larissa before his career?