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Progress on THE HEIRESS

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The Heiress

(A Stand-alone Novel)



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(Anti-Romance #2)


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The final installment in the ANTI-ROMANCE Series….

Laney Hill is dead. Actually, that might be an improvement from her current situation. After a disastrous day in London, Laney is forced to introduce her best friend George—who just confessed his undying love for her—to her latest fling, hot musician Kade Masters.

“By the way, guys, I think you both work for the same company.”

Yes, that went over well. Knowing George is the one who approves his royalty checks turns Kade into a sexy green-eyed monster. Seeing Kade is as serious about Laney as he is, forces George to up his game with some outrageous romantic gestures.

What starts out as an amusing competition for Laney’s heart, turns into an all out war between the two men. But Laney is not impressed. It seems the winner of this war may be the loser she’s been waiting for.

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