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Luke Part II: Memory is available in the Luke: Complete Series bundled set:


Things are really starting to heat up between Luke and Brina and their suspicions of each other are growing with their love. I hope you all enjoy this new installment. Part III, Linked, should be available before Christmas! Scroll down for a preview of the cover for Part III.

Luke: Part II, Memory

Twenty-three-year-old corporate spy Brina Kingston has successfully wormed her way into a new position as billionaire Luke Maxwell’s executive assistant and love interest. Brina expected to get in, steal the password to his latest software creation, and get out unscathed. She didn’t expect Luke’s kindness or his ability to draw out long buried memories and emotions about her brother’s suicide.

Though Brina is captivated by Luke’s moves inside the bedroom and his attentiveness outside the bedroom, she still can’t figure out if Luke knows her true motives. When a party on Luke’s sailboat presents her with the opportunity to seize the password she was hired to acquire, she finds herself choosing between the love of a man and the security of her family.


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