Knox #1


From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a sinfully sexy and suspenseful new series.

Rebecca hasn’t seen or heard from her mob boss father in four years, but she’s about to receive a message from him that will throw her life into chaos. Rebecca thought she left the crime family behind when she went into law enforcement. She never expected to be abducted by a sexy stranger. But this stranger makes an offer too tempting to refuse and soon Rebecca is pulled into one of the most ruthless vendettas of the century.

Knox Savage is the sexy billionaire CEO of Knox Security and a notorious playboy. What most don’t know about Knox is that a large portion of his wealth is made helping high-profile criminals escape justice. He makes no judgments about guilt or innocence. And he doesn’t do it for sentimental reasons. But he’s about to take on a case that’s is going to get very personal.

WARNING: Due to strong language, graphic violence, and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Chapter 1

“Oh, Marco, don’t stop.”

His blue eyes are fixed on mine as he grinds into me, penetrating me deeper with each thrust. He’s smiling at me. Oh, how I love that smile. I close my eyes and imagine the first time I saw it. Sitting in a booth in the corner of the shop. My father’s arm around his shoulders, congratulating him.

“I’ve missed you, Marco.”

I slide my hand behind his neck and pull his mouth against mine. It feels just like our first kiss, only better. We’re older now. Wiser. I work for the department and Marco, he….

What does Marco do for a living?

“I love you, Marco. Tell me you love me.”

He smiles as he kisses the corner of my mouth, but he doesn’t say anything. I rake my fingers over his back and he doesn’t make a sound. Not a hiss of air through his teeth or a soft moan. Nothing.

“Marco, please.”

His cock is so thick, stretching me as he lifts my leg and pierces me slowly. I wrap my other leg around his hip, beckoning him further inside. Gasping, I throw my head back and he kisses the hollow of my throat. Ecstasy. This is pure, ethereal ecstasy. Dream-like. He slides his hand between us to caress my clit and my body quakes beneath him.

“I’m going to come, Marco. I’m coming! I’m coming!”

A soft chuckle wakes me and I find August next to me. The room is dark. I’m holding his hand prisoner between my thighs. A searing heat creeps up my cheeks as I realize I was dreaming about Marco again.

“Did you come?” August says, and I can hear the smug grin in his voice.

I push his hand back then turn around to face away from him. “Sorry.”

He slides his arm around my waist and presses his chest against my back. “Goodnight, Becky.”