KNOX SERIES FAQ, Volume 3 Cover Reveal and ARC application

Apply for an ARC of Knox #3 for a very limited time.

If you’ve reviewed Knox #2, apply for an ARC of Knox #3 for a very limited time. (Click the picture above.)

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but I’ll post it again here because I’m still getting a lot of people asking me these questions.

1. How many parts will there be in the KNOX series?

The number of parts is posted right at the top of the book description on every website. KNOX will be a FOUR-PART serial.

2. When will the next part be released?

I don’t have a release date for Knox #3 or #4 because I am releasing them as I finish them. Knox #2 was released 11 days after Knox #1 and that is mostly because I had pneumonia and I moved while writing #2. Knox #3 will probably be released in more or less ten days.

3. When will it be available on iTunes?

I have no ETA on when iTunes will release Knox #2, 3, or 4. Their review process takes a lot longer than other retailers, especially with “sexy” books.

KNOX: VOLUME 3 – Synopsis

Part three of a four-part serial. This is Knox’s point of view.

What secrets lurk behind that killer smile?

Yes, I’m a killer.

But killing is easy when your only reason to live is the very thing you’d kill for.

I’ll do anything not to lose her again. Rebecca is mine.

And then she’s not.


Taken by someone with his own score to settle. He knows I’ll stop at nothing to kill him. This is his invitation.

Well, I’ve got my tux and my fucking party hat on. Let’s dance.

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  1. Michelle G April 10, 2014 at 6:25 am - Reply

    I need this next part! Love Knox!

  2. Ramona M Barnes April 18, 2014 at 6:31 am - Reply

    What a heart stopper. Can’t wait for book 4. Read third book in one day. Loved it.

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