6 simple rules. 2 broken people. 24 perfect hours that will change their lives forever.

1. Never speak about each other or the things we did together.

2. Never look for each other.

3. No taking pictures or recording video/audio.

4. No sharing identifying information with each other.

5. We can part ways at any time, but all the rules still apply.

6. If we make it to 24 hours, we will share our darkest secret before we part.

It was weird seeing you today after all these years. It was even weirder trying to explain to my new coworkers how you and I know each other.

How do I explain I had a one-day fling with a handsome British gentleman I met on the New York City subway?

How do I explain I fell in love with an anonymous stranger?

Our flame was supposed to burn one day, but for me it never died.


I almost pretended not to know you. I thought that might be easier for both of us.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if we ran into each other. I didn’t think I’d be rendered speechless.

God, that was embarrassing.

I know we’re supposed to stay away from each other. But that rule was a lot easier to follow when I didn’t know your name.




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