Pieces of You: Cover Reveal, Teaser #5, and ARC Giveaway


I’m so excited to FINALLY share the Pieces of You cover with you all! I’ve only had the cover in my greedy little hands for one week, but it feels like an eternity. I am not good at keeping secrets!

First off, please show Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations some love and go like her Facebook page. She created this beautiful cover. She found the perfect image to convey Claire’s mood in this book and I couldn’t be happier.

And…… today’s cover reveal comes with a teaser and an ARC giveaway. Yay!

Teaser #5 is from Claires’s POV. This teaser is spoiler-free for those who haven’t read Relentless. However, this teaser contains explicit sexual content. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Disclaimer: This excerpt may be edited or deleted prior to publication. Permission is NOT granted to re-post this content anywhere, so please don’t. You may link to this page if you would like to share it with others. Thank you.


The winners of the five Pieces of You ARCs are:

♥ Michelle (Comment #25)
♥ Rude Girl Book Blog (Share #1)
♥ Elena Eckmeyer (Comment #35)
♥ Janette Ramos (Comment #78)
♥ Lisa (Comment #36)

I have all your email addresses except for Rude Girl Book Blog.

Congrats to all the winners! Next week’s teaser (contrary to popular opinion) will be from Chris’s POV and I’ll be giving away six ARCs. This is so that the final teaser on April 30th can be from Adam’s POV and it will be nice and LONG.

Thank you to everyone who commented! Good luck next week. ♥

Giveaway Instructions

Today I will be giving away FIVE digital ARCS of Pieces of You (to be delivered on or about May 7th). To enter the ARC giveaway, leave a comment below telling me whose POV the next teaser should be from: Claire, Adam, or Chris. Please include your email address in the comment or send your email address to me via the Contact page. After you comment, you can enter a second time by sharing the link to this teaser on Facebook and tagging me in your post. If we’re not friends, feel free to add me as a friend so you can tag me.

I will announce the winners on my FB fan page tonight so make sure you click the LIKE button. Also, if you want to be notified of new teasers and giveaways, make sure you sign up for blog updates by going back to the homepage, entering your email address in the little box on the right, and clicking the ‘Follow’ button.

Now onto the teaser.

Chapter Eight – Claire

“I’ve been dreaming about this all week,” I murmur into his mouth.

His hand slides under my knees and he scoops me up in his arms as he stands from the chair and carries me to my bed. He sets me down gently, our lips never losing contact as I reach for the waistband of his jeans and pull him on top of me. Right away, my body begins to tremble with my need for him.

“Are you okay?” he whispers as he kisses my neck and I nod hastily. “Good ‘cause I’m about to wreck you.”

He spreads my legs open and I lift my hips as he grinds into me.

I moan softly. “Please take this off,” I beg as I yank his shirt up.

He chuckles as he pulls his shirt over his head and gazes down at me with that sexy smile that makes me ache for him. His body is so perfectly smooth and muscular. I reach up and touch the tattoo on his chest, the compass filled with waves, and he grabs my hand. He kisses the inside of my wrist then lays my hand down at my side. His hands slide over my belly then under my lower back. He lifts me up so my back is arched and plants a soft kiss just above my belly button. The smile in his eyes as he looks up at me makes my chest heave with anticipation.

His fingers whisper over my skin and I sigh as they land on the button of my jeans. He takes his time undoing the button and I feel body growing hungrier and more impatient by the second.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he asks as he drags the zipper down and lays a soft kiss on abdomen.

I hate when he asks me this. I get so flustered when I talk about this stuff.

I swallow my nerves then answer. “I want you to make me… scream your name.”

I whisper the last three words and he laughs softly. “You’re so fucking adorable. Do you need a joke to relax?”

He grabs the waistband of my jeans and I lift my hips so he can slide them down, taking my panties with them. “Yes, please.”

“This one’s going to be dirty,” he says as he tosses my jeans and panties onto the floor and kisses my hipbone. “First, take off your shirt. I want to look at you.”

I tear off my shirt and slip out of my bra then lie back as he sits up on his knees to look at me. It’s a testament to how comfortable I feel with Adam that I don’t even flinch at the fact that the lights are on. Adam has never made me feel anything other than completely beautiful.

His eyes take in every inch of me, his gaze skimming over ever valley and curve before landing squarely on my face. “I’ll save the joke for later.”

He slides two fingers inside me and I close my eyes as I hold my breath. His fingers slide in and out of me as his thumb massages my clit.

“Oh, my God,” I breathe as I roll my hips against the motion of his hand.

“Look at me.”

I shake my head as the pleasure builds inside me and he laughs. “Come on, baby. I want to see your eyes.”

I open my eyes and he smiles as he slides his fingers out of me right before I come.

“That’s not fair,” I protest.

He ignores my grumbling as he lies on top of me and kisses me hard. I’m breathless, lost under the weight of his body and the power of his kiss. Then he starts to move down, laying a soft trail of kisses straight down the middle of my torso until he reaches my center.

I gasp as soon as his tongue touches me. “Adam.” He lets out a soft grunt as a reply. “Don’t stop.” I try not to writhe away from him as the warmth builds inside me, spreading out from my core in furious waves. “Adam!”

“Say it louder,” he says, and the sensation of his breath and the vibration of his voice send chills through me.

As the orgasm reverberates through my body, a cry of euphoria explodes from my lips. “Adam!”

I hear a soft chuckle as he finishes me off with another lick and a soft kiss. My body trembles as he kisses each of my breasts then sits up. He takes off his jeans and I attempt to recover as he slides a condom on.

“Sweeter than sugar,” he says, as he lies on top of me, resting his elbows on either side of my head, and kisses me.

I rake my nails softly over his ribs and he twitches between my legs. He kisses me slowly, taking his time, drawing out the moment until I finally clutch fistfuls of his hair and pull his face back. I don’t say anything. He knows what I want from the hunger in my eyes.

He eases himself into me and I wrap my legs around his hips to coax him farther inside. I draw in a sharp breath as he hits my core and a spark of pain ignites the fire inside me.

He watches every change in my face as he moves rhythmically in and out of me. “Are you okay?” I nod and he kisses my forehead then goes back to gazing into my eyes. “I love you, Claire.”

“I love you, Adam.”

He presses his lips to mine and I know, from that one look and the way he’s kissing me so tenderly, that there’s something he’s not telling me.

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    Adam please.

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    I want to an Adam POV Teaser please :D!
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    Oh God! See? Team Adam all the way!!! And Cassia, I would love another teaser from Adam’s POV with his god awful jokes. Pleaaaaase. Corny or horny would do. :)))) Or the “Knock, Knock” jokes. Ok, I will admit, I love your Knock Knock jokes. The ‘Olive’ joke too. Though I didn’t really get it at first or even 3x of reading it. I had to ask you on FB to understand the joke. Ok, I’m blabbing. But yeah, TEAM ADAM baby!!!! 🙂

  12. Anna April 17, 2013 at 10:31 am - Reply

    Adam is yummy!

  13. Yadira April 17, 2013 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    Adam…. Need more of him cuz he is so in love with Claire and will do anything for her and there is more to him….. Claire and Adam need their HEA together…. Chris had his chance and ruined it he choice being a rocker star then her and didn’t bother keeping in touch…. [email protected]

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