The Red Phoenix Society is a six-book series of stand-alone romantic suspense novels. Each high-stakes romance centers around one member of the Red Phoenix Society crime syndicate.


From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a thrilling new romantic suspense stand-alone about a criminal master of disguise who has his heart stolen while planning the biggest heist of his career.

When I walk into First Bank of the Atlantic and sit down across from Zoe, she has no idea I’ve been studying her for months.

She doesn’t know I’ve been in this bank at least thirty times before today, because no one ever sees me coming.

That’s why they call me Ghost.

And what I’m about to do will haunt my enemies for the rest of their lives.


The man who sits across from me on a hot New York City summer day is clearly endowed with a staggering intellect and disarmingly good looks.

Fresh on the heels of a messy breakup, I will not allow myself to be charmed by him or any other suit who hits on me today.

But it seems life, and the man who calls himself Ghost, have other plans for me.

Reading Order

May be read in any order, but PHOENIX (Book 6) should be read last.

Red Phoenix Society #1

Red Phoenix Society #2

Red Phoenix Society #3

Red Phoenix Society #4

Red Phoenix Society #5

Red Phoenix Society #6