Relentless Fan Trailer Contest

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I am officially opening up the Relentless Trailer Contest.

Here are the rules:

♥ The trailer must not contain the spoiler of all spoilers (and if you’ve read the book you know what it is)
♥ Entries are due by April 15, 2013
♥ Links to video entries must be sent to [email protected]

Here are the prizes:

♥ First Place – $75 Amazon, B&N, or iTunes gift card
♥ Second Place – $50 Amazon, B&N, or iTunes gift card
♥ Third Place – $25 Amazon, B&N, or iTunes gift card

I will be picking the winners on April 15th, unless I’m having trouble choosing, then I may open up the contest to a vote.

Please SHARE this so everyone who has read Relentless gets a chance to enter. Thanks! ♥

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