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For a very limited time, the COMPLETE Luke Series (all eight installments): Mirror, Memory, Linked, Password, Timeout, Hunting Luke, Trust in Me and Decode; are on sale for 99 cents in ONE ebook! Read the entire series from start to finish and experience Luke and Brina’s sexy and thrilling journey from beginning to end.

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Check out this awesome book trailer for the Luke series created by Becca the Bibliophile.

“The ending was simply amazing and will warm your heart and leave you smiling…. You will find yourself rooting for Brina and Luke to work and find the happiness with each other that they deserved.”
Three Chicks and Their Books

“Without giving away any spoilers, the ending was great! There is definitely a HAPPY EVER AFTER!  Cassia Leo really knows how to captivate you from the start.  Her characters are all likable and real.  I definitely would recommend this to anyone, it had a little bit of everything.”
– Sarah’s Book Blog

“It’s really a tragic story and I’m amazed at how well Leo captures the story in such short novellas…I mean, really amazed – the woman has mad skills.”
– Scandalicious Book Reviews

This sale won’t last, so make sure you grab your copy now. Thanks for reading!


Enjoy this excerpt from Mirror (Luke Part 1):

Luke’s car pulled up to the curb of my apartment building at exactly 6:58 a.m., but I didn’t run to answer the door to wait for his knock. Instead, I went into the restroom and turned the blow dryer onto the cool setting and pointed it at my head.

The faint ding of my doorbell barely registered over the sound of the blow dryer, but I ignored it as I stared at my reflection in the mirror and watched the cool air blow my hair in all directions. I waited a couple of minutes before I switched off the blow dryer and the doorbell rang again. Opening the door, I found Luke wearing a pristine gray suit that hugged his sculpted frame perfectly as he gazed at the fountain in the courtyard of my apartment building.

“How much do you pay to live here?” he asked, without looking at me.

“More than I can afford. Come on in.”

“You don’t even know how much I’m paying you. How do you know you can’t afford it?”

He wiggled his eyebrows before he stepped into my apartment and I couldn’t believe how uneasy he made me.

“The agency said the position paid 60 to 80 thousand. That’s not a lot for this area,” I replied, as I closed the front door.

“Then, why do you live here?”

He took a seat on the used sofa I had bought at the local Salvation Army when I moved into this apartment six weeks ago in preparation of Operation Mirror. Kip wanted me to have a nice apartment, but he didn’t provide a stipend for furniture. He probably didn’t expect Luke to be sitting in my apartment less than twenty-four hours after my interview.

“I live here because I like to push myself. There’s no motivation to succeed better than the prospect of having your electricity cut off.”

Something about what I said affected him. His eyes dimmed before he turned away to face the sliding glass door that led out onto my tiny patio.

“I was homeless for five months when I was seventeen. A lot of people don’t know that about me.” He stared at the door as he continued. “My dad kicked me out for smoking weed in the garage with my geek friends. I was too proud to ask any of my friends to take me in. I slept in public restrooms mostly, but I spent my days at the library and the computer lab at the local community college where I had befriended a professor. It took Mr. Keller three months to find out about my living situation.”

I did know about Luke’s homeless days, but I couldn’t tell him that because that would open up questions as to how I had found out.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

He finally turned to me. “Why are you sorry? Look at where it got me. I’m trying to make a point. I’m trying to tell you that it’s not too late for you. Maybe the $140,000 I’m offering will help you on that road.”

He rose from the sofa and made his way toward me as I stood dumbfounded by this number. That was almost double what NeoSys was paying me. He stopped in front of me and I leaned into his hand as his fingers grazed my cheek.

“Why?” I breathed, as his other hand slipped behind my neck.

“Because you’ve already been through enough.”

He kissed me and I was lost, spinning in a haze of his presence, his scent, his power… his kindness. I threw my arms around his neck and he lifted me up, carrying me to the kitchen island where the bowl of leftover milk from my breakfast cereal sat next to a block of knives. He sat me on the counter and I tossed the bowl and knives to the floor as I lay back.